General information on shooting

Many people think that there are only soldiers or sport shooters in shooting ranges and regular people don’t go there. In fact, it is possible for everybody to try firing different guns in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre.

Thanks to our instructors you will quickly learn how to handle guns safely and shoot target sheets without missing them. If you are at least 12 years old, we use 5.6 mm calibre sport guns and pistols, and 9 mm calibre service pistols. For younger children, same instructions are given by using air and laser guns. An appointment with an instructor must be made in advance. People with a personal gun licence don’t need an instructor.

The 25 m range with 30 firing points is used for shooting up to 9 mm calibre pistols. Shooting with small-calibre pistols takes place in three 50 m ranges. The small range with 12 firing points uses, in the first half of the summer, the only electronic target sheets in Estonia. Many spectacular finals of larger competitions take place here. In the big 50 m range with 42 firing points, in addition to regular targets made of paper, it is possible to use falling signs of biathlon. In the range of movable signs, it is possible to try shooting “the running boar”. It is permitted to shoot with up to 5.6 mm calibre guns in all these ranges.